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for Financial Services with AI, eKYC

Innovative Digital Sales Platform for Financial Services with AI, eKYC

The digital sales platform will integrate financial services ecosystem with a vast JNE logistics offline network, powered by a secure & scalable digital platform. It will create convenient access to consumers, mSMES who may want to get quick access to credit in a fuss free manner, using our proprietary data capabilities as “extended data points”. We leverage both AI & cloud technologies to securely interconnect the financial world with an extensive logistics sales network to create a “New Consumer/mSME Tech platform” (NTP). New consumer retail technologies will be added soon to further improve the eKYC process.

Financial Inclusion Revolution

with a Vast Sales Network

Cutting Edge Technology blended

Technology can help to differentiate our business and create new value for our customers. At the heart of everything we do, we leverage technology to value add along our journey, to make the process more streamlined, remove unwanted steps, speed up decision making to improve cycle speed. With our AWS cloud based system architecture, AWS Lambda at scale serverless computing, Kafka Streams processing, data lakes, AI technology, machine learning, unique data insights – we will open up new opportunities to create value for customers with increased scope, scale and speed.

Technological Advantage

Why Choose JNE International?

Delivering Business Value using Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning

Today’s cyber threats demand serious security. We secure all your customer shipment data with trusted encryption & more. Our AWS Cloud based API Gateway is built with high performance plus strong security needed in an ever changing digital world. We are developing a secure, flexible data strategy and architecture to empower users to tap into diverse data and power business insights while applying real time business analytics/insights and machine learning (ML) techniques.

Data-Powered Insights

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